About Us

Engineering Success

CPI has been delivering solutions and services to clients for over three decades and we have always put utmost importance on the growth and success of our customers.

Our definition of success is to contribute to our client's desired future through services and solutions that allow them to use the right technology and processes to help them to expand their market reach and grow market share, improve efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately increase profitability in a sustainable manner. We take time to understand our clients’ challenges, needs, and goals and those of their stakeholders. We use a design thinking approach to develop solutions that are innovative and practical to ensure that they are implementable and will achieve the intended results.

We have used different methodologies successfully and are able to design, with our clients, a tailored project plan that considers client capabilities and resources, preferences, and standards. Our seasoned project and account managers are hands-on in managing the projects and relationships with client stakeholders.

CPI continues to evolve and innovate. This value is inculcated in all of our staff who are able to bring their experience and competence into the projects that they are assigned to. Knowledge sharing and enablement are intrinsic to us as we strive to share our expertise with our clients so that they are able to manage the technology and systems we bring to them. Our definition of Engineering is the science and art of creatively transforming knowledge, skills, technology, systems, and processes to design and create solutions that deliver value to our clients, their customers, and their stakeholders resulting in the success of their organizations and people.

“Engineering Success” is the purpose for which CPI exists. We strive to live this out individually and collectively for the success of our clients and the betterment of the larger community we are all a part of.