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Custom Software Development

With 3 decades of software development experience, CPI has established a track record for delivering quality software on time and within budget.  Our iterative methodology, coupled with early prototyping, assures you that your requirements are correctly and completely understood.  We have a deep pool of highly competent technical personnel that will ensure your software is built according to your requirements.

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IT Outsourcing

Improve your operations and cut expenses by outsourcing the maintenance and support of your applications.  CPI can provide you with the right team of competent personnel to support your various business requirements through a managed services engagement.    This will enable you to focus on your core operations while taking advantage of our specialized skills in Application Systems Development, Maintenance, Quality Assurance and Database Administration.

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Staff Augmentation

CPI has a strong human resource pool of over  200 professionals to support the varied requirements of our clients.  Our employees have gained the expertise and the required skill sets that our customers look for and which they may not have on staff.  We maintain a complement of Project Managers, Systems Analysts, Architects/Designers, Developers, Database Administrators and Quality Analysts.

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Acquire skills that are aligned with industry requirements.  CPI offers training courses facilitated by experienced instructors in training labs that make for a conducive environment for learning. The training methodology encourages participants to accomplish hands-on exercises and cases where they will apply the concepts learned.  The training content are reviewed and calibrated regularly to ensure they stay current with what the industry needs.

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The Philippines leading integrated general insurance solution.  It is a full web-based system that supports the end-to-end operations of general insurers from sales and marketing to policy administration, underwriting, reinsurance, claims and finance.


eLIFE is a complete solution for life insurance companies.  It is an integrated, full-featured and web-based core application with a friendly browser-based user interface that provides a wide range of functionalities to support the full range of life insurance products and processes.


Taking CPI’s Java Boot Camp to a New Level
Since its beginnings over 30 years ago, CPI saw the importance of growing the Philippines pool of IT talent to
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Bliss Launch
  Computer Professionals Inc. successfully launched its Bliss – Digital Insurance Platform. By leveraging on this cloud-based platform, General Insurance
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GENIISYS Users Circle (GUC) Meeting 2020
For its 4th quarter GENIISYS Users Circle (GUC) Meeting, CPI organized 2 back-to-back learning sessions. The first was on Vulnerability
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CPI’s GENIISYS Users Circle Annual Outing Feb 2020
For over 10 years, CPI has treated its GENIISYS Users Circle to annual out-of-town summits where we engage our GENIISYS
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CPI in Sydney
CPI in Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia, October 2018 – Australia has become home to a number of CPI officers and employees. In a recent
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Sportfest 2018
CPI goes Bowling for Sportsfest 2018
E Lanes Bowling Centre, August 2018 – This year CPI held its Sportsfest at the E-Lanes Bowling Centre in Ortigas Avenue. The CPI
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The IT Company for the Insurance Industry

Computer Professionals Inc. (CPI) is a Filipino-owned IT company with a successful history of delivering high-quality software services and solutions to a long list of satisfied customers.

We are the proud developers of GENIISYS - the country's leading integrated General Insurance software. We also market eLIFE, a comprehensive web-based application that fully supports the operations of life insurance businesses.

Our staff are trained in both IT and insurance so that they can effectively support our solutions and provide a host of software development and maintenance services to our valued clients.

Quality is our Priority

As an ISO-certified company, CPI exerts all effort to embed quality throughout the Software Development Lifecycle.  We apply sound Project Management principles and use system development and operations best practices and tools.

We value integrity and trust

One hallmark of CPI’s success is the  long-term relationships we build with our clients through integrity and trust.  We have been servicing many of our clients for as long as 15 to 20 years.  Our very first client 31 years ago, a large multinational consumer products company, continues to be our client up to this day.




CPI is made up of diverse smart, passionate and dynamic individuals committed to making a lasting impact to our customers, partners and community by providing exceptional IT services and solutions

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Mercy Fares


Senior Analyst Programmer

"I joined CPI in 1994 to 1998 and my work experience equipped me with technical and analytical skills that I needed for growth and development. It gave me a solid career when I migrated to Australia 4 years later. The dedication and discipline that I learned had helped me build the resilience and knowledge to fare through the competitive world of IT in Sydney from being a Software Developer up to my current role as a Business Analyst. I'm proud to be part of CPI and I'm wishing for a continued success for this awesome company to endure."

Herbert Tagudin


Senior Software Developer

"Working with CPI is a very rewarding experience. I got the opportunity to work with a dynamic set of individuals from different backgrounds. Every day is a game, if you are up for each challenge you will surely excel in your field. CPI will expose you to the real world of systems development and IT, bringing you beyond your boundaries. It has been years since I joined the company and really learned a lot, and even learning each day. My colleagues are nice and very approachable, and the knowledge sharing culture is common so you can take advantage to exchange ideas that can help to improve the quality of everyone's work."

Aimee Alacar


Chief Information Officer

"CPI has opened the door for me into the IT World when they hired me as a programmer trainee. The world I discovered was challenging yet rewarding, filled with new discoveries and tough problems to solve. With each new project, I gained more knowledge and got the opportunity to do things I never thought I could do. The technical skills and work discipline that I acquired from CPI has helped me perform well in my job, even when I left CPI to work abroad. When I joined CPI again, I found that the company has grown even stronger and has established itself as a leading IT service provider in the Insurance Industry. Now CPI continues to expand its domain expertise from Software Development and Database Administration, to Business Intelligence, DevOps and Digital Transformation and I am really excited to be part of all the action!"

Andrew Robes


Project Manager II

"Starting from Developer Trainee and over the past nine years, CPI has been very generous in providing technical and non-technical training, which helped in cultivating me to be the professional that I am today ...and who would have thought, I was married two years ago to my beautiful wife whom I met here at CPI."

Paul John Genova


Project Manager I

"Working in CPI has been a great and wonderful experience. The people are friendly and supportive. The work environment is nice and the management is approachable. My career path has been well defined since I started and they do give alternative options if employees choose to shift to other career paths within the company. I chose to work in CPI as the career path was more inline with my goals during the time when I was trying to shift my career from engineering to software development. As a CPI employee, I am proud to say that I am able to provide quality work to my client because of the support and training provided to me by CPI. I am able to meet my clients’ requirements satisfactorily and hope they continue to requests for our services in the future."

Roset Ganal


Quality Management Representative

"I joined CPI in 2009 as a programmer trainee and since then, I have been assigned with different roles. I love the people. Everyone is approachable and willing to help. I will forever be grateful to CPI for giving me the opportunity to improve my skills and learn things beyond programming."

Jose Luis Hojilla


Database Administrator

"A powerhouse of IT enablement and excellence—rhetorical it may sound and sort of subjective, but that's CPI! Trainings catered are foundational—allowing anyone to leverage the skills attained therefrom. Being part of a client-oriented, dynamic, diversified, and reputable IT company gives me that feeling of fulfillment in the domain that I have chosen to be into, that is—database administration. It hones me to be a seasoned database administrator: client-oriented and a good solver of oft-intractable problems. More years of top-notch service! Cheers to CPI! ;)"

Grace Miralles


Assistant Vice President

"CPI is a great company to work for because they know how to treat and value their employees. From the management team to the lowest ranking employee, everyone is willing to help each other grow and succeed. In CPI, business is only secondary to the relationships that we create with our clients and employees. It is also in CPI where I met most of my treasured friends and even my husband. From the culture, to the opportunities, to the commitment to our clients and employees, CPI is a company you will love to be a part of."

Coline Romero


Finance Associate

"I have been with CPI for a couple of years and I enjoy and appreciate the company’s priorities, insights, and culture. I am glad to be part of a company who really lives out its core value of integrity, trust and respect. I truly enjoy coming to work in such a positive and friendly atmosphere. I guess, working with genuine and talented people is one of the edifying beneficial experience the company can give you."

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Gain real programming experience by working on local and foreign projects in various top companies.


Be part of an exceptional team. Work with highly talented colleagues and challenge yourself to achieve your professional goals.


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