Enabling IT skills for professional development




Java Applications Development

The Java Boot Camp provides in-depth understanding of the Java technology platform. It also serves as a Java software engineering course that will help developers gain competitive skills to be functionally productive in real-world software development environments.




Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

The Oracle SQL and PL/SQL course will teach students to manipulate SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks, access and copy data between SQL databases, send messages and accept responses from an end user, format, perform calculations on and store query results in the form of reports and create and manipulate simple database objects.




Oracle Database Administration

The Oracle DBA Training course is intended for those who are given the role of Oracle Database Administrator (DBA). It is designed to provide Oracle professionals with an in-depth understanding of the DBA features of Oracle and specific Oracle concepts.




Jasper Reports

This course is intended for developers who would like to build reports using Jasper iReports, an open-source reporting tool that can be easily integrated into Java applications. Students will learn how to create simple to complex reports using the Jasper iReports IDE. The students will also learn how to create Jasper files that can be integrated into any Java application to generate rich, dynamic reports in any format.




Systems Analysis and Design

The Information System Analysis and Design Course (ISAD) is intended for those who are given systems analysis or design work but have not received formal training for their role. The course will walk them through the fundamental skills that systems analysts or designers are expected to have. There are case studies and group exercises that will let them apply the skills taught.




Software Management Course

The Software Management Course is a training that covers Project Management and Software Application Maintenance and Support. It is designed to help the student in creating and managing a project and staying on top of schedules, workloads and people problems. It also provides practical tools and techniques for managing day-to-day maintenance and support operations after the project is completed. This training will equip participants with essential software management skills through interactive group activities, individual exercises and mock projects that resolve real-world problems.