Since its beginnings over 30 years ago, CPI saw the importance of growing the Philippines pool of IT talent to effectively grow our company. One of the first practices we put in place was to open recruitment to fresh graduates and career shifters wanting to pursue a future in IT. We developed intensive entry-level boot camps to train qualified candidates in the technologies prevailing at the time. Today, this comes in the form of the Java Boot Camp, a 6-week, full-time training program that aims to train participants to become proficient web application developers on the Java platform. The course is a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises and group and individual case studies to enhance learning and ensure that the skills learned can be applied. The sessions cover topics such as Java basics, web development, SQL, database programming, frameworks, object-oriented design, and test-driven development. The teachers are actual developers and software architects with years of practice building state-of-the-art software solutions.


The demand for software developers has increased during the time of COVID as organizations are realizing the need to quickly transform into the digital age. To address the requirement for training while adhering to quarantine guidelines, CPI launched its online version of the Java Boot Camp. The same material is covered except that it uses video conferencing platforms and online tools which still allow for optimum interaction between teachers and course participants. The first batch graduated in mid-July and have already been assigned to projects.


The Online Java Boot Camp is offered every quarter to qualified candidates. Those interested to attend or have your employees attend may inquire at


If you would like to embark on a career in the IT field and become a top notch developer, we invite you to apply through any of these accounts: