The Philippines leading general insurance ERP

GENIISYS is a comprehensive, fully integrated, and flexible system for General Insurance. It extensively covers all the functions from marketing, underwriting, reinsurance, claims, and accounting, all the way up to General Ledger and financial reporting. It has been supporting the operations of general insurance companies in the Philippines and abroad for over 25 years.


Some Great Benefits

Full Branch Connectivity and Access Anytime, Anywhere

GENIISYS latest version was built on web technologies that make it easy to manage and integrate the operations of branches throughout the country and the world. GENIISYS can support companies with no branches or with hundreds of branches and an unlimited number of agencies that may be given secure, online access to various features and functions. Because it is browser-based, it can be accessed by company employees, their managers, and executives on a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones providing them with flexible, real-time access where and when they need it.

Access to Real-time Information to Make Faster, Better Decisions

GENIISYS integrated design provides non-redundant entry of data and real-time access to a single version of the information. It allows inquiry of data in various degrees of detail from transactional to summarized so that decision-making can be done at the operational, departmental and corporate levels. GENIISYS provides a data warehouse that can be viewed through client-selected front-end business intelligence and visualization tools to give companies a head start on gaining maximum impact from their data.

Responsive to Industry Standards and Changes

GENIISYS complies with industry standards and best practices. As these evolve, GENIISYS is enhanced to incorporate the needed changes. GENIISYS adheres to the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Insurance Commission, Internal Revenue, SEC and other agencies tasked with overseeing compliance of the insurance industry. Changes in regulations and standards such as IFRS 17 have been incorporated into the system.



The Digital Insurance Platform that enables you to grow your business in a highly competitive market.

Bliss is a software-as-a-service offering that allows insurance companies to quickly launch digital products and services without having to worry about the operational complexities and cost of cloud implementation and payment platforms.


Bliss moments in using the platform

As digital commerce and servicing continue to grow, companies more and more need to provide products and services to their customers and other stakeholders through digital platforms. Bliss provides insurance companies with cloud-based, pre-built, customizable digital components to allow them to offer a variety of insurance products online from quote straight through to payment accessible on the web and mobile devices. For GENIISYS users, Bliss allows digital payment of their policies whether these were acquired digitally or through the traditional way. Bliss is also a perfect tool for agents who want to serve their clients digitally.

  • Enables businesses to sell insurance products online and accept payment in only a few minutes delivering a wow customer experience.
  • Creates a new, stronger brand and online presence enabling new revenue streams from digitally savvy clients.
  • Allows companies to connect their digital Bliss platform to third parties and aggregators providing new avenues for sales and services.
  • Enables the business to streamline operations because digital transactions can be linked to back-end systems in real-time with no manual intervention.
  • Enables agents, brokers, and partners to use the platform to book insurance deals.
  • Quick set-up and launch and hassle-free operations. The Bliss subscription model significantly reduces upfront investment. It is also easy to implement. Companies are relieved of the burdens of managing their Bliss platform greatly reducing operational costs.