CPI hosted its annual get-together with the GENIISYS Users Circle (GUC) on February 24, 2021. The GUC consists of member non-life insurance companies who use our flagship insurance ERP, GENIISYS.

What traditionally was an out-of-town gathering, became a virtual event. Nevertheless, we tried to make it as insightful and enjoyable as possible by incorporating a creative session with a talk relevant to the GUC members. Participants were sent kits so that they could create their own Lithops living stone plant arrangements.


The creative exercise was followed by Mr. Julius Uy (VP for Engineering at Hubble) who imparted words of wisdom on Scientific Leadership and advice on how best to lead IT teams. Julius' talk was followed by a meaningful Q&A session.

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The event was capped by a presentation on the GENIISYS product enhancements in 2020 and our Roadmap for 2021. This was done by Grace Miralles, who heads CPI’s General Insurance Solutions and Services Group.


CPI is committed to empowering our customers and partners to thrive in this most uncertain of times and we renew our commitment to our GUC by continuing to support them and continuously enhance our solutions and services. We also aim to add value to our relationship by continuing to organize events such as this.


If you want to learn more about Scientific Leadership, you may find the presentation here: http://bit.ly/GUCTalkSession. If you want also to know more about GENIISYS or any products of CPI you may reach out to us via hello@cpi.com.ph