eLIFE is a complete solution for life insurance companies. It is an integrated, full-featured and web- based core application that supports Traditional, Variable and Group Life Insurance businesses.

eLIFE enables you to effectively process and manage the following types of insurance transactions over a friendly browser-based user interface:

Interactive proposal generation Auto and Anniversary Processing
Underwriting with facilities for jet Underwriting Agency Management and Compensation
New Business and Policy Issuance Claims
Policy Administration Accounting
Billing and collection Reporting
Worksite Policy Administration
elife system



eLife's integrated design and central repository allows for a single point of entry, no redundancies and provide users with a higher degrees of confidence in the integrity and consistency of information.

Robust and Secure

robust and secure

eLife runs on Oracle 11g and 12c database and supports Oracle Database Appliance, which are stable and robust platforms with extensive security features, ensuring the integrity and safety of your company’s data.



eLife comes with the source code and can be customized according to your organization's needs. This provides you to unlimited flexibility and savings on time, resources and money to develop a bespoke system

Easy to Deploy

easy to deploy

eLife has a multi-tier, web architecture that makes it easy to deploy and maintain. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, significantly reducing the training time and learning curves. It can connect to third party systems and payment gateways.