Delivering software solutions that really work






Enterprise Software Development

CPI has successfully built large-scale ERP solutions that support organisations’ core business processes.  We design, build and implement integrated systems across various departments – from marketing & sales to operations to accounting.  An integrated system will improve your service levels, eliminate work duplication, and provide you with accurate and timely reports, resulting in improved efficiency and lower operational cost.



Web and Mobile Applications Development

CPI builds effective Web and Mobile Applications that incorporate best business practices, quality design and appropriate technology.  Applications for e-commerce, customer portal and content management will allow you to expand your market and connect with your customers.  We also create APIs for secure and seamless integration with legacy systems to automate back office processes and digitally transform your organization.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Turn your business data into knowledge that will help you make better business decisions.  CPI provides Business Intelligence services and solutions that include well-designed data warehouses, optimized ETL (extract, transform, load) functions, and effective dashboards for all of your operational, analytical and executive reporting needs.  We can consolidate your data from different sources so that you always get the right information whenever you need it.




DevOps is a collaboration between development and operations to automate the software delivery process. With CPI’s own DevOps practice, we have acquired the necessary skillset to build a Continuous Delivery pipeline for you that will cover continuous integration, version control, artifact repository, test and release automation and infrastructure configuration.  This results in faster time to market releases, lower failure rate and increased savings on operational costs.