Sydney, Australia, October 2018 – Australia has become home to a number of CPI officers and employees. In a recent visit to Sydney, Alex and Bebette Ventura, Chairman and CEO of CPI were able to reconnect with some of them.

Bebette Ventura expressed that “It is heartwarming to see how successful our CPI employees have become in their new home. We are proud of them and are happy that CPI in some way, played a part in their success.”


L-R Issa Morales (Systems Analyst) with her husband Delfin Dimaunahan (Developer), Alex, Bebette and J de la Cruz (Project Manager).


CPI couples from front to back; Gus Alba (founding stockholder) and his wife Chil; Mario Alba (former Board Director) and his wife Portia; Alex and Bebette.


Bebette Ventura having breakfast with Mercy Arbasa-Fares (ex-CPI programmer).